BOSTON (CBS) — The story of DeflateGate wandered into self-parody a long time ago, and now, so are the side arguments taking place about it. It has now gotten to a point where a comedian is facing the wrath of fans about a DeflateGate-related anecdote, to the point where he is being accused of making it up or getting fooled.

In case you missed it, comedian and former Saturday Night Live alum Jim Breuer told a story to SI Now about the time he ran into John Jastremski, one of the central figures in the mystery surrounding whatever happened or didn’t happen with those footballs last January. He said that Jastremski stood up for Tom Brady but had strong words for the Patriots organization.

In my opinion, it would be asinine to believe that anyone would go to such lengths to impersonate John Jastremski in that moment. Whoever Breuer talked to, I believe that the encounter happened. He has no reason to make the story up; as the host of his own radio show and frequent stand-up tours, he’s doing just fine career-wise – so the “he’s just trying to be relevant” argument holds no water.

Whatever happened, there is a segment of Patriots fans who were bound to catch wind of his story and go from 0 to 100. Breuer told Toucher & Rich that he doesn’t care about DeflateGate and had no idea how much people still cared about DeflateGate. I don’t believe that part – Breuer is a Jets fan and has to be aware of how big the story got – but if he didn’t know how fired up some Patriots fans are about it, he does now.

Here is a sampling of Breuer’s interactions with Patriots fans Wednesday night:

If you’re mad at Breuer for drumming up a fresh round of controversy over DeflateGate, that’s understandable. I want this nonsense to go away as much as anyone, and the story ultimately painted the Patriots in a negative light. I just don’t think he made this encounter up, or that someone randomly decided to approach him pretending to be Jastremski then created a fake email to perpetuate the elaborate ruse.


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