SPRINGFIELD (CBS) — Bostonians often get a bad rap for their driving, but a new study finds that hitting the road is even more risky the farther west you go.

The report from NerdWallet looked at the most dangerous cities in the country for drivers. Springfield is the fourth-most dangerous, trailed by Worcester at No. 10 and Boston at 16th on the list.

The study analyzed the number of car crashes, fatal accidents as well as vehicle-related crimes.

The average annual insurance rate in Springfield is $1,499 and there are 7.1 fatal accidents per 100,000 residents, NerdWallet stated.

Detroit was found to be the most dangerous city for driving, where the average insurance rate is a whopping $5,409 a year.

The 5 Most Dangerous Cities For Drivers (According To NerdWallet)
1. Detroit
2. Baton Rouge, Louisana
3. Baltimore
4. Springfield, Massachusetts
5. San Bernardino, California

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