BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police are investigating a viral Facebook video allegedly showing an off-duty police officer arresting a man he says cracked his car window with an umbrella.

The video begins with the officer, who is wearing a Red Sox jersey, kneeling on a man’s back and picking him up off the sidewalk after chasing him down.

The man taking the video starts asking the officer questions about why the officer didn’t yield to the man in the crosswalk.

Two Massachusetts State Police cruisers and a Boston Police cruiser eventually showed up to take witness statements.

According to a police report, the incident took place at Arlington and Boylston Streets.

The off-duty officer said that he was making a right turn in his personal vehicle with a green signal when the other man hit his window “as he was crossing illegally.”

Boston Police’s report on the incident alleges that the pedestrian was upset the officer didn’t allow him to cross ahead of him so he struck the window with an umbrella.

What initially appeared to be a crack on the officer’s window turned out to be a smudge that was removed.

It is not clear whether any charges have been filed in the incident.

Boston Police told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 they will “initiate an inquiry” into the incident and attempt to speak to the people involved.

The video has received more than 119,000 views.

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  1. Bc Phillips says:

    This is definately abuse by the ‘off duty’ cop. There might be plenty of GOOD cops in this world, but it’s the cops like this one that give cops their bad name. He’s a hot head. He needs to get another job – perhaps a job where he learns the word RESPECT.

    I hope this pedestrian sues this cop, and sues the area precinct this cop works for. NO ONE should be treated the way this pedestrian was treated. If it takes retraining all the forces in order for cops to respect others, that is what has to be done. Or if it takes training (or firing) a few, something needs to be done immediately BEFORE more people are injured or killed. These hot head cops take power to the extreme.

    Thank goodness for the by-stander who DID NOT just stand by. Filming this brings all the injustice to the eyes of the authorities. Perhaps if the pedestrian was one of their relatives, the authorities would see the extreme injustice taking place. THESE ACTIONS WHERE HOT HEADS TAKE THEIR ‘POWER’ TO THE EXTREME NEEDS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY.

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