BOSTON (CBS) — Hardy joined Zo & Bertrand on Tuesday to continue the polarizing debate over protective netting at Fenway Park. After Stephen King brought the nets into the spotlight earlier this season, another injured fan has brought them under scrutiny.

Beetle, who was against the implementation of nets in the first place, has conceded that the nets will be there to stay. His issue now simply lies in how ineffective the nets have proven so far.

“They don’t do the job. The nets are bad,” said Beetle. “Now that this has happened, if you’re gonna have these nets, would you at least put up nets that do the job? If I’m going to have to watch the game through these nets and suffer as a fan through those nets, can you at least put up a net that works?”

Hardy, unlike Beetle, has no issues with the netting at Fenway Park.

“I’m not as much pro-net as they don’t bother me,” said Hardy. “If they did bother me, I wouldn’t sit behind them.”

But if people are still getting injured, there will continue to be the question of further expansion. Zolak, for one, thinks that’s an easy decision.

“Raise the net another 10 feet, redesign the net. It’s a simple fix. Be smart and proactive,” Zolak said.

Listen to the rest of the discussion here:


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