BOSTON (CBS) — Adam Jones and Joe Murray played another round of Buy or Sell Monday night, mostly hitting on baseball topics.

Here are the questions Murray posed to Jones for this edition of “The Game of Jones”:

Buy or Sell: Xander Bogaerts is a top-5 hitter in baseball

“No, he’s not a top-5 hitter in baseball. He’s not even the best hitter on the team,” said Jones. “I know the Red Sox have like nine of the best hitters in baseball right now and I love Xander Bogaerts, but I need to see more power out of his bat before I can possibly put him anywhere near the top 5.”

Buy or Sell: Another team trading for Clay Buchholz

“I sell that one, too,” said Jones. “I hope a team wants him, I hope there’s a team out there that can talk themselves into it, but not now. I think you need a stretch of three, four, five good starts in a row.”

David Price has turned his season around

“I’m going to sell again. He hasn’t turned it around yet. We’ve seen good starts out of David Price. … They’ve all been isolated and he hasn't been able to string anything together. Every time he has a good start [this season] he follows it up with a clunker. So, let’s see.”

Buy or Sell: Rougned Odor landed the best punch in baseball fight history

“That one I buy,” said Jones. “Maybe I’m missing something, maybe there’s one over time. But in terms of connecting, it’s hard to get more solid than that.”

Buy or Sell: Jason Day goes on a Tiger Woods-like run of dominance

“He’s poised to go on a run like Tiger did? I would sell that,” said Jones. “I don’t know if we ever see that again. That’s the greatest run in the history of the sport. … If I could pick a golfer who could go on that kind of run right now, would it be Jason Day? I don’t even know if I’d pick him next.”

Listen to the full podcast below:


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