BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Public Schools students could walk out of classes Tuesday to protest budget cuts, but Mayor Marty Walsh says City Councillor Tito Jackson and other adults, not kids, are behind the movement.

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Walsh contends that adults are the ones organizing the student demonstrations.

“It bothers me a lot that adults are putting kids in harm’s way,” the mayor told WBZ.

Jackson is one of the adults the mayor is referring to. The city councillor has invited all students who walk out to come to a city hall budget hearing at 2 p.m.

He rejects any notion that the protests are organized by grownups.

“It’s civics 101,” he said. “Young people taking a real role as city leaders.”

The mayor says that he added $13.5 million to last year’s $1 billion school budget. Jackson and other critics say that’s not enough to compete with inflation and important jobs like librarians will be cut as a result.

Walsh says the increase is a “large investment.”

Some of the Madison Park High student told WBZ they would join the protest, but they have final exams.

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