BOSTON (CBS) — Season two of the New Kids on the Block‘s TV series “Rock This Boat: NKOTB” kicks off June 1.

The series premieres at 8:30 p.m. on Pop TV and focuses on the band’s annual fan cruise, which has sold out eight consecutive years.

Pop and Littlstar, known for their virtual reality and 360-degree video, will make the band’s live performances available on the Internet, mobile devices, headsets and Apple TV.

Cameras will also capture other behind-the-scenes interactions with fans, including selfies with Donnie Wahlberg and surf lessons with Joey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight.

On Monday, Danny Wood, McIntyre and Knight discussed the series with WBZ-TV’s Kathryn Hauser and Chris McKinnon.

“This cruise that we do is an absolute love fest,” McIntyre said.

Knight says every night is a themed party.

“It’s just amazing to see,” he said. “During the day, we’ll dock somewhere, go on the beach and hang out with our fans. It’s just five days of action-packed fun.”

When the band got back together in 2008 following a 15-year break, Wood says they were thankful to see all their loyal fans coming out to their concerts.

New Kids on the Block (WBZ-TV)

New Kids on the Block (WBZ-TV)

“It’s the same thing on the cruise…it’s one big party,” he said, adding that the band does two live shows during the series. “We take a lot of pride putting on a great show.”

For more information, visit the Pop TV website.


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