BOSTON (CBS) — The Sports Hub Golf Club isn’t just about golf.

OK, it pretty much is. But FlingGolf is different.

Think lacrosse meets golf, and you start to get the idea, but to really understand, listen to founder Alex Van Alen. The guy invented a sport!

If that doesn’t warrant a few minutes of listening, we’re not sure what does.

Here’s a brief introduction to the sport:

And here’s what it looks like in action:

“The best way to think about FlingGolf might be lacrosse-golf,” Alex told Hardy. “You play with a golf ball and you play on a golf course, and you can even play on the same course as traditional golfers. But instead of hitting a golf ball, you take a fling stick, which I created, and you pick the ball up and you throw the ball. And you can really shape your shots different ways, you can get a lot of distance out of it. It sounds simple. It’s challenging to master, but it’s simple to get started.”

OK, it makes sense, but where can you play it? Do golf courses open their gates to FlingGolfers?

“It’s been amazing. That was my biggest question when i first started this campaign or this sport, so to speak. I’ve been very surprised at how well they’ve received it,” Alex said. “We have a good partnership with the National Golf Course Owners Association, and the former president is actually on our board. And we now have a partnership with the New England Golf Course Owners Association, as well as the Boston Cannons. So really putting those two together is a great system.

“These golf courses are looking for that sort of ‘snowboarding’ answer, and that’s what we think we have, bringing younger players out to the golf courses, especially since you can do it all at the same time. Dad can be playing golf, and kids can be playing FlingGolf.”

Hey, and there’s this — it’s all made in Massachusetts.

Listen to the full interview below, and for more information, visit


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