TAUNTON (CBS) – Investigators are looking into Arthur DaRosa’s short stay at Morton Hospital. His family blames the hospital in Taunton for his deadly rampage.

DaRosa’s family spoke outside their Taunton home on Wednesday.

“My sincere condolence to the families involved,” said Liz DaRosa, Arthur’s aunt. “We feel if Morton did a little bit more or kept him there this wouldn’t have happened.”

Arthur DaRosa. (Facebook photo)

Arthur DaRosa. (Facebook photo)

An ambulance took DaRosa at 5 p.m. Monday to Morton Hospital. He was discharged at 4 a.m. Tuesday. The family said at the time he had suicidal thoughts, but said the hospital treated him only for anxiety.

The hospital released this statement expressing condolences to the victims and their families, and distancing itself from the doctor who evaluated DaRosa:

“Morton Hospital extends our thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of yesterday’s events. We also want to express our appreciation to law enforcement officers and to emergency medical personnel including those within Morton Hospital who delivered critical response services during these events to help prevent further loss of life or injury.

Under federal law, Morton Hospital is barred from acknowledging patient names or disclosing any form of confidential patient information. This law extends to patients whose evaluations and assessments are legally required to be led and conducted by third parties selected through MassHealth.

Any questions regarding evaluations performed by state contractors should be directed to the appropriate state agency.”

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Health and Human Services released this statement: “We are deeply saddened by yesterday’s senseless and tragic events and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services will fully cooperate with law enforcement during the ongoing criminal investigation and will carefully review the details of this situation.”

Liz DaRosa. (WBZ-TV)

Liz DaRosa. (WBZ-TV)

Court records reveal DaRosa had a series of arrests for violent crimes between 2007 and 2009, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and drug offenses.

District Attorney Thomas Quinn said DaRosa had not had any criminal offenses in over six years.

Despite having some issues over the past few months, the DaRosa family said the 28-year old wasn’t officially diagnosed with a mental illness, and didn’t take medication or do drugs.

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“He had his bad days and good days it just triggered you know,” said Liz DaRosa.

DaRosa was at the house before he went on the violent rampage killing two people and injuring five others.

“A.J. is not a terrorist. He was someone’s child,” Liz DaRosa said. “His children have to grow-up now without him because Morton let him out without the proper treatment.”

DaRosa’s girlfriend said through an attorney she’s focused on their two children.

Katie Brace

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