By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Even as he approaches 39 years old, Tom Brady remains arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now. He also remains one of the league’s most sneakily marketable players. The majority of fans may not want to spring for a $200 cookbook, but a new mattress sounds a lot more reasonable.

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Brady is the newest pitchman for Beautyrest mattresses, whose new “Black” models start at $2,000. So, yeah, maybe it’s not so reasonable. But you can at least enjoy Brady’s latest appearances on social media pushing the product line.

First, he posted a photo to Facebook of him dragging a mattress up the stairs with his son lying on top of it.

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Then, Beautyrest tweeted this new ad featuring Brady:

I’m not a fan of these ads, and it has nothing to do with Brady. They missed a golden opportunity to feature the one person these ads needed: Gisele. How she wasn’t lying on top of the mattress at the end of that ad is simply baffling. Considering the kind of customers they’re likely targeting with this obscenely expensive product line, you’d think they could have afforded that one extra cameo.

Gisele or not, Brady just sent Beautyrest stock skyrocketing for sure (Simmons Co., to be exact). You can also expect another baby boom in nine months.

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