BOSTON (CBS) – The best place to grow old in the United States isn’t Florida, Arizona or Hawaii. According to a new analysis, it’s South Dakota. looked at a number of factors in coming up with its ranking, including the quality of health care for older Americans, long-term care and support available for senior citizens and their family caregivers.

“South Dakota came out at the top with the most favorable reviews,”’s Dayna Steele tells CBS Radio. “They also outranked all other states on pretty much a combination of the quality of life, the quality of health care and financial categories.”

It costs an average of $36,000 a year for assisted living in South Dakota, found.

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On the other end of the spectrum, West Virginia came in dead last for quality of life and healthcare offerings for seniors.

Massachusetts was named the 12th-worst state to grow old in thanks to the higher cost of senior care.’s Top 5 States To Grow Old In

1. South Dakota
2. Iowa
3. Minnesota
4. Alaska
5. Oregon


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