BOSTON (CBS) – A war of words broke out online Friday night between presidential candidate Donald Trump and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The senator began ripping the presumptive GOP nominee after his Indiana primary win.

With the focus now on the general election, the angry tweets began to fly and escalated quickly.

The first attack came from Trump early Friday evening.

A few hours later Warren, who has been lashing out at Trump on Twitter for the last several days, responded.

Trump fired back at Warren a short time later.

The war of words didn’t stop there, as both sides tweeted several more times throughout the night.

Trump criticized Warren as “weak and ineffective,” also jabbing her for what he described as Warren’s “phony Native American heritage.”

Warren said Trump’s “racism, sexism & xenophobia” makes her “sick.”

While Trump escalates his fight with the Democrats, he appears to be making peace within his party.

Next Thursday, Trump will meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who this week said he was not ready to place his support behind the Republican party’s presumptive nominee.

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