BOSTON (CBS) — The Adam Jones Show had five hours of radio gold on Tuesday night, leaving them plenty of time to play a little Over/Under on “The Game Of Jones.”

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following questions:

– Home runs for Mayor of Ding Dong City (Travis Shaw): Over/Under 20

“I’m going to say under. I expect him to cool off anyways; he’s been red hot and he only has three now. That said, he has proven me wrong through the first month of the year,” said Jones. “I thought his numbers would regress after two hot months a year ago. He was a .260 hitting in the minors and never really hit for home run power, so I’m still skeptical he’ll take care of that at the major league level. The job is now his the rest of the year, that’s pretty clear. I’ll take the under, but I don’t think he’ll lose the job anytime soon.

– Number of games that will be played in Cavaliers-Hawks series: 5.5 games

“Under. Atlanta might win a game after getting swept by Cleveland last year in the Eastern Conference Finals. They may win one, but they’re not winning more than one,” said Jones.

– Loui Eriksson’s average annual value for his next contract: $6.5 million

“That’s a good number, Keefe. It’s way too much for Loui Eriksson, but I think that’s a good number as to what he might get. I’ll say slightly under that; I think he’s over $6 million but I think he’s probably under $6.5 million,” said Jones. “I hope the Bruins don’t give him that money, but I would say he’s under the $6.5 million and gets five or six years.”

– Of the nine Patriots draft picks, how many will make the 53-man roster: 5.5

“I’ll say over. We all agree that the Day 2 guys are a lock: Cyrus Jones, Joe Thuney, Jacoby Brissett, Vincent Valentine, and I’ll assume Malcolm Mitchell will make the team as well. I’m sure a handful or one or two of those sixth, seventh round guys will make it — I’m just not sure who.” said Jones. “I’ll take the over, but I don’t think their whole draft is making the team.”

– How many Avengers do you think you could name: 3.5

(Jones got two before naming a bunch of DC comic characters.)