BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Children’s Hospital  has gone Hollywood, and it’s all in hopes of teaching doctors and nurses to better care for you.

Boston Children’s has partnered with Fractured FX, a special effects company responsible for the blood and guts in shows like “American Horror Show.” Now, they’re using their talents to build training models for doctors in a new simulation center at the hospital.

The brain child of the initiative is Peter Weinstock, a critical care doctor. The center is designed to give clinicians hands-on experience treating some of the sickest children before offering actual care.

“This is where it all happens,” said Weinstock. “Kind of like NASA center.”

There’s a complete operating room with a life-like mannequin, a fully equipped trauma bay that converts into an intensive care unit and a mock kids room where families can practice how to care for their child once they go home.

A control room allows technicians to drive the animation. A few blocks away is the inventor space where scientists can replicate virtually any body part in a matter of hours using 3D printers.

The hospital has also hired a special effects expert to make the simulation all the more real.


Dr. Mallika Marshall


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