BOSTON (CBS) — It was another Buy or Sell Monday on The Adam Jones Show.

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following questions during Monday night’s edition of “The Game Of Jones”:

Buy or Sell: Rick Porcello’s season-ending ERA will be below 4.00

“I would sell the idea. His career ERA is 4.35, and guess how many times he’s had an ERA below four [over his eight year career]. Two times — [2014 with a 3.43 ERA] and 2009 when he had a 3.96 ERA. He was only significantly clear of 4.00 once, the year before the Red Sox decided to overpay him,” said Jones.

“I’m not saying he’s going to have a 5.00 ERA again, but there is no way he is as good as he’s shown, fattening up on some bad offenses,” he added. “The AL East will catch up and he will regress. I’m not saying he’s due for a disaster of a season like last year, but I sell the idea he’ll have a sub-4.00 ERA.”

Buy or Sell: David Price’s season ERA being over 4.00

“He will have an ERA below 4.00 — I sell the idea,” said Jones. “He’ll get it figured out. I don’t think he’s going to have a full-on Josh Beckett year one in Boston disaster, or a John Lackey three-year disaster. It may take him half the season and he may not get into the mid-to-low twos, but I think he’ll get it below four.”

Buy or Sell: Blake Griffin has played his last game with the Clippers

“I buy that. He’s gone. It was a mess of a year for him this season and a mess for the Clippers this year,” said Jones. “Injuries hit them hard in the first round of the playoffs against Portland, but through injuries and just embarrassing the organization, and also feeling like they can get something for him, he is a prime trade chip this offseason.

“I’d keep him, but they’re the Clippers for a reason.”

Buy or Sell: Jacoby Brissett will play more career games for the Patriots than Jimmy Garoppolo

“I also buy that. I think Garoppolo is not long for this organization. He’ll play four games, we know that, and he’ll get his random garbage time. I just think where Brissett is lining up, and I thought this at the time for Garoppolo, that Brady wouldn’t make it through the four years of his contract, that Garoppolo would get in there. I just think where Brissett is at he’s in a better position, and Garoppolo hasn’t played enough,” said Jones.

Buy or Sell: Isaiah Thomas Will Be All-NBA Third Team

“I sell that. I don’t see how he can get into the top six guards in the NBA,” said Jones. “Steph Curry, Kaly Thompson, Damian Lillard, James Harden, Russell Westrbook, Chris Paul, DeMar DeRozen and Kyle Lowry — it’s hard for Isaiah Thomas to get into the top six.

“It says nothing about the year he had, it’s just the wrong position. Those other guys, they all had great years too.”


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