BILLERICA (CBS) — The Arrey family of Billerica has strong faith in God, and they are crediting God with saving their boy’s life.

Two-year-old Nezharri Arrey-Lundy was pinned under a car last Friday that had crashed through the wall of the daycare center he goes to.

“We believe faithfully that the almighty God, whom he has been calling, saved his little life,” the boy’s grandfather Joseph Arrey said.

The only visible injuries are a few scrapes on his face and a scar. He had no broken bones or internal injuries.

His mother Kareen Arrey told us when she saw the images of the car hanging out of the side of the building, she couldn’t believe her son survived.

“I was just in awe because it’s something you don’t expect that to happen to your own kid, just see it on TV and you never know,” Kareen said.

When she arrived at Lowell General Hospital, her son was in a neck brace in a hospital bed with his father laying next to him. “I just broke down and started crying,” Kareen said.

The driver of the car that hit the daycare reportedly had a medical condition. Kareen says she’s happy that person was not seriously hurt also.

Nezharri is free of physical injuries, but he’s now suffering from some emotional trauma. His mom says he’s become withdrawn, not his normal energetic self.

Nezharri Arrey-Lundy with his mother Kareen Arrey. (WBZ-TV)

Nezharri Arrey-Lundy with his mother Kareen Arrey. (WBZ-TV)

He still watches his favorite show, “Paw Patrol” and enjoys his baby sister Malaysia, who they call “Precious” as it’s her middle name.

“A little traumatized but he’s a strong boy so I think he’s getting through it,” Kareen said.

Kareen has been staying home from work since her boy was hurt. She probably won’t send him back to the center after it’s repaired because that would bring up bad memories for the boy.


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