By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – So Catherine Greig, Whitey Bulger’s partner in flight from the law, who holed up with him for years in that apartment with all that cash and all those guns, believed her boyfriend was an innocent man?

Sure she did.

To listen to the ludicrous nonsense being peddled by her lawyers and her sister, Greig thought that, at worst, Whitey just had a bunch of videos he never returned to the rental store.

The pathetic spectacle of Greig in court Thursday trying to avoid extended prison time for refusing to talk to cooperate with investigators probing the sordid case of the sociopathic mass murderer is a reminder of the social disease highlighted by every aspect of the Bulger story – denial of reality.

Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig (Photos from U.S. Marshals Service)

Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig (Photos from U.S. Marshals Service)

Bulger’s apologists denied for years that he was a murderous, drug-peddling swine. Oh no, they said, Whitey tried to keep the drugs *out* of Southie. I’ll never forget the sarcastic comment of Congressman and lifelong South Bostonian Stephen Lynch when I repeated that claim to him. “Well,” he said, “looking around at all the drug-treatment centers we have in our community, I’d say he didn’t do a very good job.”

Then there was the denial of corruption within law enforcement circles that protected Bulger even as he was spraying blood across the city. And finally, most repulsively, Bulger’s claim in court that he never snitched on others and never slaughtered women, both patently false claims.

If Bulger was the king of rancid denial, Greig was the queen. And the extra 21 months she got Thursday for denying his guilt will give her plenty of extra time to contemplate the actual truth.


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