BOSTON (CBS) — With a full show on Monday, Adam Jones had time to play some “Buy or Sell” on The Game Of Jones.

Jones was hit with the following topics from Marshall Hook (filling in for Rich Keefe), ranging from Jimmy Garoppolo’s potential stint at starting quarterback to the Celtics luring a big-name free agent to Boston.

Buy or Sell: Jimmy Garoppolo will lead the Patriots to a winning record in his four games

“I will buy and here’s why: I don’t think there is a better four-game chunk. It’s a soft landing spot. I’m pretty sure they’ll lose to Arizona without Brady — they may lose to Arizona even with Brady out there. But I look at the Bills, Dolphins and Texans on a short week, all home games, with Belichick coaching up Jimmy Garoppolo and the weapons he has, they should be able to win three of four.”

Buy or Sell: The Celtics having the best playoff atmosphere of any Boston team

“I will tell you that the Garden gets loud for both [the Celtics and Bruins]. People pile on this Garden compared to the old Boston Garden, and that’s fine. It’s not as historical of a venue. But it gets freaking loud in there. I was there when the Bruins rallied back against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 [in 2013], and that is the loudest building I’ve ever heard. The other night got very loud, in Games 3 and 4. I don’t know if it’s the best. It’s certainly better than the Patriots in a playoff game; [Gillette] just doesn’t have an electric environment.

“Fenway Park, of course, does. For a big game that is a good spot to be in. I would have to sell it and go Fenway, but the Bruins and Celtics in the Garden is a close second.”

Buy or Sell: Would beating Atlanta help the Celtics land a big-name free agent

“I sell that idea. I don’t know if there is anything the Celtics can do that will help them land a free agent. They have to want to come to Boston, and I don’t know that beating the Hawks will help them convince anyone. If they went on a real deep run to the Eastern Conference Final — which is unlikely knowing Cleveland is up next. It’s more about where you play and who you play with. As good as Isaiah has been I don’t think players are lining up to play with him. I sell it, regardless of how they play against the Hawks. It can’t hurt beating Atlanta, maybe it gets more eyeballs here and more believers in Brad Stevens, but I don’t think it would be the difference in getting someone like Kevin Durant or someone of the like.”

Buy or Sell: The Warriors are screwed without Stephen Curry

“I buy the idea that if they don’t have him, they are screwed. They can get by Houston without him, and may be able to keep things close with L.A. if he comes back in the middle of that series. But I’m not even convinced at that.

“If he is out for an extended period, and it sounds like two weeks, they’re not winning anything.”

Buy or Sell: Craig Kimbrel being a success in Boston

“That’s a grey area when you define success. I think he’ll be better than he’s pitched, but I sell the idea of him being worth what the Red Sox gave up.”


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