LONDON (CBS) — There is “strong evidence” that consuming alcohol and processed meats like bacon increases the risk of stomach cancer, according to a new health report.

The analysis by the World Cancer Research Fund looks at the latest scientific research on diet and possible connections to stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer across the globe and one of the most deadly – the five-year survival rate is about 25 percent.

Last year, the World Health Organization issued a report saying eating processed meats poses the same cancer risk as smoking.

But experts say this is the first time that a strong link between alcohol, processed meat and stomach cancer has been found.

Drinking three or more alcoholic beverages a day increases the risk of stomach cancer, according to the report, as does eating processed meat like bacon, hot dogs, ham, salami, pastrami and sausages.

Salt-preserved foods traditionally prepared in East Asia, such as pickled vegetables and salted or dried fish can also lead to stomach cancer, the report found.

Additionally, the analysis points to strong evidence that being overweight makes a person more susceptible to stomach cancer.

To stay cancer-free, the report recommends maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, avoiding processed meats and limiting alcohol consumption.