BOSTON (CBS) — If you were curious as to why Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola were dressed as cops when they answered Tom Brady’s call for his receivers earlier this offseason, you can call off the investigation.

Edelman released a new video on YouTube on Tuesday with an extended look at him and his fellow receiver as men of the law. The only problem is, they’re not very good at it.

In a parody of Cops, titled “PATS: Cleaning The Streets”, Edelman and Amendola patrol the streets of Boston (which they jokingly say looks a lot like Los Angeles in the video). They solve the mystery of a missing shopping cart, respond to a potential burglary and even find time for a quick game of Ping Pong, sans shirts.

The good news is, these guys will be back to their day jobs in no time.

Edelman promoted the video with a Tweet thanking the Boston Police Department for all they do when they protect and serve.


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