WEST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — As police in Massachusetts crack down on distracted driving, dozens of people were cited for texting behind the wheel in one town Wednesday.

West Bridgewater police said nine officers stopped 110 drivers during a four-hour period. Fifty-one drivers were cited with civil texting fines, including one who was stopped twice and reportedly told officers “I thought you had left the area for the day.”

Since Jan. 2013, West Bridgewater police say they have issued more than 550 texting violations.

“Our approach to distracted driving is simple, to keep the public’s interest while educating them on the dangers,” West Bridgewater officials wrote on Facebook.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts State Police and local authorities announced a campaign to nab drivers on their phones, reminding people that a red light is no reason to start texting.

On Monday, Duxbury police tweeted that they had stopped more than 15 drivers for distracted driving.


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