BOSTON (CBS) – Finally an extended stretch of dry, sunny, beautiful weather to enjoy across New England.  With nothing going on in the weather department the next several days, it’s all about analyzing the little features that could impact our day-to-day forecast.  And of course, Boston Marathon Monday is at the top of that list!

4 days away. That’s it.  Whether you’re running, cheering on someone you love or just going as a general spectator – good weather always makes for a better day. But the definition of good weather definitely varies depending on whether you’re hitting the pavement or ringing a cowbell on the sidewalk.

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Terry Eliasen detailed the marathon forecast history in Wednesday’s blog – and the main take away was that this year won’t break any records for extremes.

However, the backdoor front we’ve been watching in our computer guidance is showing signs of slowing down, which means we will be warm come Monday afternoon.  Sunshine and 70’s. Gorgeous summer-like weather isn’t a bad thing if you’re enjoying from the sidelines, right?

While not as quite as dramatic as the 87 degrees Marathon back in 2012, warm temperatures obviously pose increased risk of dehydration for runners – so that’s something race organizers will be monitoring closely, I’m sure.

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So here’s the break down along the route – obviously a lot of these temperatures depend on how fast of a pace you run. But you get the general gist.  If timing of the backdoor front speeds up, then Logan Airport would turn cooler by the end of the day.

2016 Marathon Forecast Route

We will update this forecast again tomorrow, right here on, WBZ-TV and WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

And of course WBZ is the only place to watch the entire race on Monday.  Join us starting at 4:30 a.m!

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