HOOKSETT, N.H. (CBS) — When a man robbed the Subway restaurant in Hooksett Monday morning and tried to dash out the back door, one employee was determined not to let him get away.

Hooksett Police shared surveillance video on their Facebook page from the Subway, which shows the woman chasing the robber down and pulling him back inside several times as he tried to escape.

The robbery happened around 8:30 a.m. Monday at the Subway on Bicentennial Drive. Police said the suspect, a white man in a camouflage jacket, tan pants, black boots, and a mask, took as much as he could from the cash box and made a run for it.

The employee chased and struggled with him, but the robber was able to escape. The employee was able to follow him outside, and told police he got into a small, black sedan with two other men before fleeing.

The robber showed no weapon, and the employee was not hurt in the scuffle.

Police are still searching for the robber and the other two people in the sedan. Anyone with information is asked to contact Hooksett Police.

Sgt. Justin Sargent said that while the employee was unharmed, Hooksett Police would recommend anyone in a similar situation simply let the suspect go.