BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (CBS) — An ingredient change by the Kellogg Company has many parents of children with peanut allergies alarmed.

According to the non-profit Food Allergy Research & Education organization, Kellogg’s is adding peanut flour to various flavors of Keebler and Austin cheese sandwich crackers starting this month.

The Austin crackers affected are Austin Cheddar Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, Austin Grilled Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, Austin Pepper Jack Cracker Sandwiches and the Austin Variety Pack Cracker Sandwiches.

The Keebler flavors that will get peanut flour include Keebler Club & Cheddar Sandwich Crackers, Keebler Cheese & Cheddar Sandwich Crackers, Keebler Pepper Jack Sandwich Crackers and the Keebler Variety Pack Sandwich Crackers.

(Image credit Food Allergy Research & Education)

(Image credit Food Allergy Research & Education)

Nearly 14,000 people have signed an online petition, started by, calling on Kellogg’s not to add the peanut flour.

“While there is no doubt that you will relabel your products to warn of peanut content, your decision will put at risk thousands of peanut-allergic consumers who already purchase these brands,” the petition states. “Furthermore, shoppers that have no reason to believe that a cheese cracker might contain peanuts may never read your advisories, endangering themselves or the children in their care.”

Kellogg’s has responded to some upset customers on its website, saying “we are truly sorry to disappoint you.”

“We appreciate you sharing your concerns and understand why you’re upset,” Kellogg’s says. “We know it’s not easy to find foods that people with peanut allergies can eat, and are looking at ways to make a cracker sandwich you and your family can buy.”

The company says that any product including allergens will be clearly labeled.

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