By Paula Ebben

SOMERVILLE (CBS) – A local institution has closed its doors, but a giant sale of all that remains is underway. And people with fond memories of Johnny D’s in Somerville are snapping it up.

“Forty-seven years, you accumulate a lot of things,” says Carla DeLellis, the club’s owner. That’s 47 years of beer glasses, dishes, posters and Johnny D’s memorabilia, all priced to move.

“There’s a lot of items that people would love to have at their home as part of their lives,” Carla adds.

John Shayeb picked up a couple of bar stools. “These awesome bar stools. I mean look how heavy these things are. Steel,” he says.

Johnny D's selling off memorabilia, restaurant items (WBZ-TV)

Johnny D’s selling off memorabilia, restaurant items (WBZ-TV)

“I have some beer taps that I got for my husband who brews beer for a hobby. Not only are they very adorable, but they’re also from Johnny D’s which is one of his favorite places,” says Nancy Bliss.

Since 1969 Johnny D’s in Davis Sq. has been a favorite for live music and good food, but owner Carla DeLellis made the tough decision to declare closing time, and even the sound system, stage lights and tables have to go.

“It’s bittersweet except in the sense that I know everybody who comes here is taking things because they love the place,” she says.

People like Jim Neely, who was married at Johnny D’s. “We bought platters and fry pans and we’re going to look forward to having breakfast at home, knowing it came from Johnny D’s,” he says.

“It’ll be wonderful because when I get invited to their houses, I hope, I will get to see Johnny D’s all around me,” Carla says.

Anything left after Friday will be on sale Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Carla still owns the building and hopes to have stores or a restaurant in the old space.

Paula Ebben