By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — New England Patriots fans will get a small glimpse into the personality of the team’s newest defensive end Chris Long, as the veteran former St. Louis Rams player is set to make a guest appearance on Spike TV’s hit show Bar Rescue along with veteran Barstool Sports blogger Dan “Big Cat” Katz.

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For those unfamiliar with the show, host Jon Taffer checks out failing bars, restaurants and clubs, and gives the businesses a chance at a titular “rescue” in the form of a re-branding and renovation. Long and Katz will be Mr. Taffer’s “recon” team, pretending to be regular customers just to get an idea of how things work, before the part everyone tunes in to see: when Taffer storms in and berates the owners and managers.


The bar in this week’s episode is O’Kelly’s in St. Louis, the home of Long’s (and the city’s) former team. According to Katz, the episode was filmed back in October. A synopsis describes the establishment as a “downtown sports bar that’s being run into the ground by an owner’s out-of-control nephew and unqualified manager,” a.k.a. the typical kind of schmuck Taffer has to verbally smack around.

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Watch a preview clip here, featuring a typically disgusted Taffer grimacing at the bar’s shoddy beer-pouring and burger-cooking practices.

Taffer certainly seems to be a fan of Barstool Sports. Here’s an amusing video where he pulls his usual Bar Rescue shtick on Katz, among others, in ‘Blog Rescue.’

UPDATE: Turns out the “others” in the video is none other than Dave Portnoy himself. He ripped me for what looked like a slight to him by referring to him as such. It was unintentional. I didn’t even watch the whole video to check who else was in it. Just laziness and a stupid oversight on my part. I deserved to get ripped for it.

The episode, called “Land of the Beer and Home of the Misbehaved,” airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on Spike TV.

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