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BOSTON (CBS) — The Lakers are a terrible basketball team this year, and apparently their star rookie is a terrible teammate as well.

Things are getting testy in the L.A. locker room after D’Angelo Russell, the No. 2 overall pick in last year’s draft, recorded teammate Nick Young talking about cheating on his fiance, singer Iggy Azalea. To make matters worse, Russell broke the “bro code” and posted the conversation on social media.

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That started a bit of a revolt against Russell, with many of his teammates giving the 19-year-old the silent treatment.

Celtics fans will take any controversy they can when it comes to the Lakers (though it was really nice of L.A. to help the Celtics and beat the Heat on Thursday night), but Adam Jones and Rich Keefe take it a step further and wonder if Boston could benefit from this locker room issue. On Wednesday, they discussed whether the Celtics should look into a trade for Russell in the off-season.

Would you trade Marcus Smart and another asset for Russell if you’re the Celtics?

“I think you would have to do it,” said Keefe. “You still have to look at the player. What he did was idiotic but I think time and another situation may change things. Players will look at him strange for a while… but can you put that aside? You don’t have to be friends but can you play with him on the court?

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“I love Marcus Smart, but based on what we’ve seen from him over two years you have to consider doing that,” added Keefe.

“He’s already been a better shooter than Smart has been. I’m not sold he’s a point guard, so I think you do have some of the issues you have with Smart, but at least he can shoot,” said Jones. “That’s a long way of saying I would do that deal.”

The two hosts have a differing opinion as to what the other asset should be — listen to the full segment below:

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