BOSTON (CBS) — Officials from the Inspectional Services Department met with Stop & Shop representatives Tuesday about the grocery store on Blue Hill Avenue, which remained closed due to health violations.

A tip late last week led inspectors to find evidence of rodent infestation and rodent droppings in the bakery, produce, and meat sections in the store, leading to it being shut down Monday.

Inspectional Services Commissioner William ‘Buddy’ Christopher, Jr., told WBZ-TV’s Chantee Lans that, during a 30-minute closed-door meeting Tuesday, his department told Stop & Shop reps exactly what was required of them before the store would be allowed to reopen.

Rodent droppings inside Stop & Shop in Roxbury (Image from Inspectional Services)

Rodent droppings inside Stop & Shop in Roxbury (Image from Inspectional Services)

Christopher said he wanted to get the store reopened for the community soon, especially for the elderly and those without cars, as it is the only grocery store in the area.

He added that the company was doing a good job of being responsive.

Inspectors first caught the violations Friday, showed them to a store manager, and when they returned three days later, found nothing had been cleaned over the holiday weekend.

Christopher said he would walk through the store again Tuesday before meeting with Roxbury residents at 6 p.m. at Grove Hall. There, Christopher will address the public about what led to the closure, and what Stop & Shop has to do in order to reopen.

“We are cooperating with the Department and are making every possible effort to address the conditions and bring the store into compliance with our own high standards as quickly as possible,” a Stop & Shop spokesperson said in a statement.

Stop & Shop says the evidence of mice may be due to nearby construction.

The commissioner said the store could reopen as soon as Wednesday.

After inspectors and others are scheduled to testify in a meeting open to the public Wednesday, Christopher said he will conduct another walk-through of the store before deciding whether or not it will be allowed to reopen.

He said that, even after the store reopens, it will be monitored for the following weeks to ensure the staff are following health code protocol.