By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – TGIF, if you know what I mean.

What an awful week it’s been, complete with horrific terrorism, bottom-of-the-barrel politics, and even crummy weather.

So let’s celebrate its end with a feelgood story.

I stopped by a fundraiser for Team IMPACT Thursday night, a charity co-founded by construction industry executive Jay Calnan and businessman Dan Kraft of the famous Kraft family, which matches kids dealing with serious illnesses with college sports teams.

The local team “drafts” a local kid, and they become official members of the team for the season.

Over the past five years, Team IMPACT has matched more than 900 children with teams at over 375 schools, with such an eager response from the college kids that they told me they need more families to apply.

Watching the smiles on the faces of the students and their young teammates and the way they interacted was like watching pure love on parade.

What a wonderful idea, what a success story, and what a gift all involved are giving each other and themselves. And it reminded me of something we hear about from religious leaders and writers and maybe the occasional politician, but maybe don’t take to heart as we should because it’s coming from the usual suspects – the power of acts of loving kindness.

That power is all around us.

We hold it in our own hands.

And when we activate it, as they do at Team IMPACT, we can make all the bad news of the world take a back seat, at least for awhile.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Jon Keller


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