BOSTON (CBS) – President Barack Obama did not change his plans after the terror attacks in Brussels Tuesday morning. The first family joined Cuban President Raul Castro at a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team.

He said one of the reasons why is what he saw in Boston after the attacks at the marathon.

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“One of my proudest moments as president was watching Boston respond after the marathon,” President Obama said in an interview on ESPN.

“And when Ortiz went out and said, probably the only time America didn’t have a problem with someone cursing on live TV, was when he talked about Boston and how strong it was and that it was not going to be intimidated. That is the kind of strength and the type of resilience we have to continuously show in the face of these terrorists.”

President Obama was referring to the first game at Fenway Park after the bombings in 2013.

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On Saturday, April 20, David Ortiz took the microphone before the game and said, “This is our (expletive) city.”

“And nobody’s going to (take) our freedom,” Ortiz continued. “Stay strong!”

President Obama said terrorists cannot defeat America. “What they can do is scare and make people afraid and disrupt our daily lives and as long as we don’t allow that to happen, we are going to be OK,” Obama said in the ESPN interview.

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Belgian officials have said at least 36 people were killed in what have been declared “terrorist attacks” at the airport and a nearby subway system.