BOSTON (CBS) — Joe Murray took over The Adam Jones Show to weigh in on former Patriot Ty Law’s controversial comments about Bill Belichick and his old team.

Belichick is praised by many in the football world for knowing exactly when to move on from players. However, it has become clear that Law wouldn’t agree.

Law, who won three Super Bowls in New England, argued that the Patriots would have won even more had they not cut bait with some of their veteran stars too soon.

“I think it has cost them championships. I think they let go of too many guys who can rally the troops and win Super Bowls,” said Law to PFT.

Law does have a personal investment in the matter, as he was released prior to the 2005 season due to a high salary cap hit.

Murray wholeheartedly agreed with Law’s take.

“How can you disagree with that?” asked Murray. “How could you? He’s completely right.”

“The Patriots went 10 years without winning a Super Bowl,” he continued. “They trade guys a week before camp, cut guys a week before camp. Does anyone actually disagree with what Ty Law said?”

Law’s comments stem from a recently aired 2014 interview, however the Chandler Jones trade is what brought them to relevance.

Murray believes that the Patriots did what they had to in trading Jones, but that they will be worse-off in the short term because of it.

“The football trade makes sense,” said Murray.” “But they are not a better football team today by any means. … Chandler Jones was the best pass-rusher on the team, on the roster, and they’re not a better team today.”

If Law is correct, trading Jones could be another move that comes back to bite the Patriots. Still, it’s very hard to argue with Belichick’s track record of personnel moves.

Listen to the full segment below:


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