BOSTON (CBS) — In a couple of days, the races for the presidential nomination could be all but decided. Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina vote on Tuesday.

Political analyst Charlie Manning and WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Joe Mathieu joined Jon Keller to talk about the Republican and Democratic primaries.

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Manning said that large amounts of money were being spent to promote anti-Donald Trump messaging in Tuesday’s delegate-rich states, especially in Florida.

“They’re just going after him in a million different ways,” said Manning. “And then they have the hometown and state hero, Marco Rubio…everything is going to try to get Marco to knock [Trump] off there.”

And that’s not the only place Trump will be under fire.

“Then you have the big fight in Ohio,” Manning continued. “[John] Kasich is the sitting governor, re-elected, popular, they’re trying to build a firewall there to keep Trump from winning, because these are winner-take-all states, he could get a lot of delegates that night.”

Mathieu was asked about the last GOP debate, which took a more civil tone than previous debates.

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“It just might have been more of an indication of where we are,” said Mathieu. “Marco Rubio failed when he tried to play Trump’s game…Ted Cruz had a very different situation, as he’s trying to catch up with Donald Trump and not look like he’s having some sort of knee-jerk panic at the last minute.”

Mathieu also commented on Chris Christie and Ben Carson’s recent endorsements of Donald Trump.

“This seems to me like Republicans getting their minds around a possible Trump nomination,” said Mathieu.

Keller asked if Bernie Sanders could repeat his Michigan win this Tuesday.

“That would confuse things if he did,” said Mathieu. “Because then we’d have more talk about a contested convention possibly on the Democratic side.”

The panel also spoke about the last Democratic debate, and the role of trade in the Democratic race.

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