By Bill Shields

BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – Two young men are lucky to be alive after falling into the frosty water of Lake Nippenicket.

They’re alive because Chuck Opferkuch happened to look away from his TV Tuesday evening. “I saw two heads bobbing in the water,” he said.

The two men had capsized into the 42 degree water.

Chuck ran outside, where he keeps a small, motorized skiff on the beach. He tied a canoe to it, and raced out to the men.

“They were good-sized guys, and one was in bad shape, so I pulled him over the bow of the boat,” Chuck said. “The other guy still had some movement, and he climbed into the canoe.”

Firefighters got to the scene as Chuck was bringing them to shore.

“Those kids would have been in trouble,” said Fire Chief George Rogers. “They were hypothermic when we got there, we transported both to the hospital and thank God for Chuck.”

The men were briefly hospitalized.

Bill Shields


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