By Katie Brace

NATICK (CBS) – South Natick is talking about a rather rare sight wandering around, a bobcat.

“The whole tree was covered in crows and they were making a lot of noise,” said William Siskowitz.

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Those birds alerted Siskowitz and his girlfriend to something in the backyard.

“Probably about this big next to the tree,” said Siskowitz motioning with his hands.

They only had to look on the Natick Police Facebook page to see their visitor. Someone had snapped a photo of the bobcat.

Keith Tosi has served as the town’s animal control officer for two decades. “First confirmed picture that we can say: it’s a bobcat,” said Tosi.

In the past couple weeks, police fielded several calls about the cat – sightings along Everett Street near the Sherborn line.

The bobcat spotted in Natick (Image credit Natick Police/Facebook)

The bobcat spotted in Natick (Image credit Natick Police/Facebook)

“To see them during the day, it’s a gift as long as people remember they’re wild animals to keep their distance,” said Tosi.

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Wildlife experts say while bobcats are common in the area, it is uncommon to see them. They are extremely skittish.

“It was really fast. It went from over there up the tree,” said Siskowitz. The cat was in their yard for several minutes on Friday morning.

“It was cool to see an animal that big,” said Rachel Moran.

The Wadness family lives next door to the couple on Morse Lane and hopes to get their chance. “They (two children) would be very excited about it,” said Cindy Wadness.

On the Natick Police Facebook page many people seem to agree saying, “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “leave him alone.”

Wildlife experts believe the cat will be much harder to spot in just a few weeks. Bobcat mating season is February and March.

“Love and food, isn’t that what we’re all looking for,” said Tosi.

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Experts say bobcats are roughly 30 pounds and twice the size of a housecat. Those who have seen the cat say it’s larger than that.