WEST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – West Bridgewater Police Officer Steve Golbranson was busy on Tuesday.

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Golbranson’s  assignment was to watch for drivers who were texting and driving. The day before, 40 drivers were cited for texting.

“What I look for is someone whose head is looking down. They’re often texting,” he told WBZ-TV.

In the span of one hour, Officer Golbranson pulled over four drivers who were texting. He only ticketed one.

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“If you’re honest, then most times you’ll only get a warning,” Golbranson explained. “But we can see what screen has last been used on the phone. If it’s a texting screen, then we may ticket.”

Police say distracted driving has become a huge problem nationwide.

There’s a bill on Beacon Hill right now that already passed the Senate that would make driving and using a phone illegal – for any reason. If it passes, only hand-free usage of phones will be allowed.

One driver that Golbranson pulled over today simply looked at his phone when a text came in. He didn’t even respond, but that’s illegal too.

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But he was honest with the officer, and didn’t get a ticket – which would have been for $105.

Bill Shields