There’s a restaurant in the town of South Easton where the food, the service, and the atmosphere rival anything you might find in Boston–because folks south of the city know that for a great night out, you just need to go to The Foundry.

Owner Neil Levine has spent a lifetime in the restaurant business.

“I’ve worked as a chef, I’ve worked as a bartender, I’ve worked as an owner, I’ve been a manager, I’ve bussed tables,” Levine said.

Drinks served at Foundry. (WBZ-TV)

Drinks served at Foundry. (WBZ-TV)

And he’s used all of that experience to make The Foundry as close to perfect as possible.

“What we’ve got here is an atmosphere that lends itself to excellent food, craft cocktails, scratch cooking, just a deliciousness of flavor and a comfortable place to come and relax and enjoy yourselves,” Levine said.

There’s an intimate dining room on one side, a cool and comfortable bar on the other, and food from all over the world coming out of the kitchen.

Brussels sprouts cooking at Foundry. (WBZ-TV)

Brussels sprouts cooking at Foundry. (WBZ-TV)

“You’ve got Italian, you’ve got Asian, you’ve got French, you’ve got all different types of cuisines,” said Levine. “We’re butchering our own meats, we’re making our own stocks, our own sauces, our own demi-glaces … You can taste the difference in everything that we serve out of the kitchen.”

Dishes come in all shapes and sizes, and many are meant for sharing–like short rib spring rolls with sriracha aioli and Caribbean chicken wings with a Jamaican jerk sauce.

“It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s just spectacular,” said Levine.

Food from all over the world is served at Foundry. (WBZ-TV)

Food from all over the world is served at Foundry. (WBZ-TV)

Entrees include steaks, pastas, and a killer burger–And desserts are as beautiful as they are indulgent, like the giant chocolate chip cookie with salted caramel ice cream and chocolate covered pretzel bites.

“You like salty, you like sweet, you like chocolate? You’ve got them altogether in that dessert,” said Levine.

And from your first sip to your final bite, Neil makes sure you enjoy it all, because making customers happy makes him happy.

“You give people great food, you give them great service, you make them happy and you see the smiles on their faces,” said Levine. “And there’s no better feeling than that when you get that response from the customer.”

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