BOSTON (CBS) — Major League Baseball will alter its rules concerning mound visits and sliding into second base for 2016, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

Starting this season, there will be a 30-second limit for each mound visit. A running clock shown inside every stadium will start when a manager/coach leaves the dugout to come talk to his pitcher and once it runs out, he will have to end the visit. There will be no specific penalty for going over 30 seconds, however, umpires are expected to follow the time limit very closely.

In light of the controversial Chase Utley-Ruben Tejada slide from last year’s NLDS, MLB has also outlined four points of consideration for umpires to determine a slide’s legality:

1. Slide prior to reaching the base.
2. Slide so you are able to and attempt to reach or touch the base.
3. Slide so you are able to and attempt to stay on the base.
4. Do not change your pathway to the base.

The “Neighborhood Rule” will also become reviewable in 2016.


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