BOSTON (CBS) — Laser beams aimed at airline pilots. The FAA says it happens on average twice per day in the United States.

It’s very dangerous. Laser beams taking direct aim at airline pilots can lead to temporary blindness, or worse, permanent vision loss.

Revision Military Technologies of Essex Junction, Vermont believes it can fix this.

“What we have perfected is an ability to block 99.9 percent of the green laser threat,” says Mike Dubie, president of Revision and a retired Air National Guard F-16 pilot.

As its name would indicate, Revision Military Technologies specializes in providing equipment to the military. But, it goes one step further.

“We’re seeing now this great demand for laser protection for pilots, for law enforcement for helicopter pilots around cities,” Dubie says.

Enter the LazrBloc GF-8. The FAA reported more than 6000 strikes last year.

“We can’t believe the contact we are getting from around the country interested in buying these right now,” says Dubie. “So we are ramping up production.”

The glasses will also protect against infrared intrusions as well. While the glasses are tinted.

“Most of the time these will be worn at night, in a cockpit,” Dubie says. “So we want to make sure the pilot can distinguish the colors on his screens.”

Revision has competitors, but this could be the trump card.

“And that’s what’s really revolutionary about the product, it balances the protection against the laser but also allows the pilot to have excellent cockpit usefulness,” says Dubie.

Not only that, they’ve got to have street cred.

“Well they look pretty cool,” Dubie says. “If you want a soldier or a marine to wear your eyewear, you want it to look good.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jeff Brown Reports