By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Ever the antagonist for Patriots fans, CBS football analyst Shannon Sharpe pulled no punches after his former team won the Super Bowl. In fact, within minutes of the Denver Broncos closing out Super Bowl 50 over the Carolina Panthers, Sharpe was firing up his Twitter account to go at it with salty New Englanders.

“As I was in the elevator, I was crafting that first tweet,” Sharpe told Toucher & Rich in a call Tuesday morning. “I wasn’t even on the field yet.”

Sharpe has gained added notoriety in New England with his relentless jawing with Patriots fans. He has dealt with hundreds, perhaps thousands of horse jokes, but only had to deal with two on Tuesday.

Some fans attacked Sharpe for celebrating the Broncos’ Super Bowl win even though he didn’t actually play for the team, somehow completely missing the irony.

“I love how [Patriots fans] all tell me ‘Shannon Sharpe celebrating like he played in the game … That’s what you guys do!” Sharpe pointed out.

Sharpe also strongly disagreed with the fans who booed Tom Brady and other Super Bowl MVPs in the ceremony before the game and debated how he would have played in today’s era versus how Rob Gronkowski might have played in his. Listen to the full podcast below.

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