HYANNIS (CBS) – It’s been three weeks, but Stephanie Greaves is still coming to terms with what happened and who helped. “It was just one selfless act of kindness after another,” Greaves said.

Greaves, 25, was vacationing in Costa Rica with her father and sister earlier this month. The trio spent the day in the water, snorkeling and jet skiing.

“As we were walking down, they say they’ve never had an accident before. That sticks out in my mind,” Greaves said.

Hours later, the soon-to-be-bride would learn she had been unconscious for thirty minutes, after a wave knocked her off the Jet Ski. The Jet Ski landed on her face.

“I remember sitting in the dirt and I remember screaming about my upcoming wedding because all I could feel was my teeth,” Greaves recalled.

Stephanie Greaves was injured in a jet ski accident (WBZ-TV)

Stephanie Greaves was injured in a jet ski accident (WBZ-TV)

Stranded in a remote location, locals rushed the trio first to a truck, then a boat, then an ambulance. It was at the government-run hospital where she met the Dallas doctor who helped.

“The next thing I remember, he came in, explained to me who he was and where he was from and that he was going to help me and he just reached into my mouth and pulled forward my teeth,” Greaves said.

Dr. Kirk Mahon, an Emergency Room doctor in Texas, knew the Barnstable High School graduate needed an immediate CT Scan. He flew with her in a medical helicopter to San Jose.

Dr. Mahon’s friend drove her family three hours away to the larger hospital.

“It became clear that they were after money, that they weren’t going to do it without proof they were going to get paid, so Kirk said, ‘Ok, here’s my credit card. You’re working for me now. Get the girl the test that she needs,’” Greaves said.

More than $7000 and several days later, Stephanie was back home on the Cape. She suffered a concussion, multiple facial and skull fractures and endured seven root canals.

Greaves and her family say they can’t begin to thank Dr. Mahon, his wife and friend. They’d like to start with an invitation.

“I plan to write him a letter…and to invite him to our wedding!” Greaves laughed.

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