By Bill Shields

BROCKTON (CBS) – “I just don’t know if I can do it again,” laments Paul Stewart, as he stares at the flooded basement of his Brockton restaurant.

Eight years ago, a ruptured water main on North Main Street flooded the Home Cafe. Now, it’s happened again.

“I’m eight years older now,” Stewart says. “I just don’t know if I have the energy to fix things again.”

The 16-inch main ruptured Thursday night, sending a torrent of water into the basement of the Home Cafe. It’s where the food is stored and the coolers and the heating and cooking systems; the guts of the business.

But the family is also worried about its regular customers who come here for some of the best pizza and burgers in the region. “They’re like family,” says Paul Stewart, Jr. “and they’re affected by this too. When it happened eight years ago, we were down for ten months.”

It’s a place that brings to mind a Brockton version of Cheers. The local business leaders and pols are often found in the Home Cafe.

School Committee Chair Tom Minichiello is a regular. “It’s the best pizza around, and the kind of place where you can go after a meeting, to continue the meeting.”

Bill Shields


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