By Jim Smith

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – On a moonlit night in Marshfield, you would never even realize a storm is coming. Seas were calm Friday but coastal residents have long memories.

Last winter the seawalls in this town were battered and broken by pounding waves from a parade of storms that never seemed to end as one man told WBZ’s Jim Smith: “A friend of mine lives right around the corner here and last winter he saw the ocean go right by his front door”

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Town officials say the seawall at Green Harbor has been repaired but up the road at Brant Rock some walls remain tattered and worn. There are cracks and weak spots not far from where some houses were badly damaged last year, piles of rubble still visible.

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“It’s a scary thing definitely,” said one Marshfield woman. “But we feel pretty safe we’re not too close to the seawall where we are.”

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It looks like the walls will be tested this weekend but people down here don’t seem too worried, one optimistic local saying: “I just can’t wait for the summer to come around just get through a few more months.”