BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston startup wants to move faster than the speed of sound. WBZ business reporter Jeff Brown says Spike Aerospace is on its way to building a supersonic business jet.

It started with an idea several thousand feet in the air.

“I was traveling a lot for business, it was very, very, long flights,” says Spike CEO Vic Kachoria. “The Concorde days had come and gone, and I was wondering why there wasn’t a successor to the Concorde.

“You just want to get out of the plane and back on the ground so you can do work and get back home.”

Commercial jetliners, we’ve all been there and fought delays, cramped seats most of the flights full.

“This is a business jet. This will only have 18 passengers.”

Enter Spike Aerospace, which is teaming with some of the world’s biggest aircraft engineers–like Spain’s Aernnova–to make the dream come true.

The business plan is not to create a new airline.

“We’re not going to be operating our own,” Kachoria says, “we’ll be selling to airlines and private individuals that want to use it for their own purposes. But we expect the bigger market and bigger interest will be from airlines.”

High speed jets for jet setters.

The best part is hard to resist:

“It does promise to cut flight time in half, so a Boston to London flight would be about three hours,” he says.

And coast to coast:

“When we’re able to, someday, we’ll be able to fly Boston to LA also in about three hours.”

Test flights won’t happen for a few more years and if all goes well, you can get a ticket a couple years after that.

“Delivery somewhere in 2023, which is when we expect commercial flights, will start becoming available.

Kachoria says ticket prices, to start, will be about the same as buying a business class ticket on a commercial jet.


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