By Kate Merrill

CONCORD (CBS) – Seventh grade social studies teacher Kara Bochicchio is busy with her middle school students at Concord’s Sanborn School, but it’s not as easy as it once was for her.

“The tiredness and exhaustion are the most encompassing,” Bochicchio says.

She is just 30-years old and she is suffering from kidney failure.

“It’s really hard, just taking it one day a time,” she says.

Her health is failing and she will need a new kidney. Last month, she got on to the national donor list, but that could take six to seven years, so she is trying something new and out of her comfort zone.

“I’ve heard so many stories of people who have done this and gotten into the right hands,” she says.

She is using the power of social media to spread the word.

A website called KindeyforKara tells her personal journey. Her Facebook page, created this weekend by her sister, appeals to strangers to take a gamble on her.

And for the first time in her long struggle, she is including her middle school students and their parents hoping they can spread the word and help her find someone to help her.

At first she was worried about asking for their help, but she hopes it will be a life lesson that will benefit them all.

“At the end of the day I’m teaching kids critical thinking to be good people and we need those good people to make things like this happen.”

Kara is Type O-positive and needs to find a match.


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