By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – When the politicians blow it, we’re among the first to point it out. So it’s only fair that when they deliver the goods, they get a pat on the back.

So Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh, partners in the successful drive to convince industrial giant General Electric to move its corporate headquarters here, consider yourselves patted.

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Keller: Big Win, Big Questions

It’s an especially sweet victory because when it comes to attracting new investment, our state struggles with its reputation as an expensive place to do business.

But this time, the role of the anti-business losers was played by Connecticut, which raised corporate taxes over GE’s objections, and further alienated the suits with a slide-show pitch that used a picture of an airplane engine built by one of GE’s competitors.


That’s what you get when you put Yankee fans in charge.

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So GE will be moving here soon, presumably bringing most of their 800 employees with them. Unfortunately, we also learned Wednesday that the company is shutting its valve factory in Avon, sending 300 blue-collar jobs to Florida instead.

The pols say that, over time, GE’s presence here will promote job creation, of both the blue- and white-collar variety.

They’d better be right.

It’s swell for GE executives to come here and overpay for housing, boost our tax revenues, and overtip in local restaurants. But the working-class people who’ve been suffering through the drain of local manufacturing jobs need help too.

Let’s see our eager-beaver pols deliver the bacon on that front.

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Then you’ll really see some vigorous back-patting.

Jon Keller