By Kate Merrill

WORCESTER (CBS) – It’s called MeetMe and the app boasts it can connect you to people near you, to chat and share your interests.

Jessica in Worcester says, “I see everyone going on those things to see if people are cute or not.”

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Apps like MeetMe or Tinder that connect singles, are getting more and more popular. But police in Worcester say when one man tried to meet up with a woman he met on MeetMe at the apartment building on Laurel Street he got something he didn’t expect.

Worcester Police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst says, “This individual was accosted by two males, he was robbed of cell phone and assaulted.”

Then, less than a week later, a different man, same app and same fake female profile.

Sgt. Hazelhurst says, “He showed up at the apartment, was attacked, he fought back and was stabbed in the chest.”

Both app users were jumped by two men in the lobby late at night.

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“That’s really crazy,” says Komarie Santan, who lives in the building. “I can’t believe that happened here.”

People in the building say they normally feel safe, but Police want the warning out.

“It shows the level of violence these two perpetrators are willing to do to somebody,” Sgt. Hazelhurst says.

It’s a scary reminder say some, about blindly putting your trust and your heart in the Internet.

Jessica says, “I used to go on the app to see how cute guys were sometimes but I’ve never met a guy from the web sites I know how dangerous it can be.”

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The man who was stabbed will be fine. Police are working with the victims to develop a better description of the attackers.

Kate Merrill