PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (CBS) — He’s earned rave reviews for his portrayal of Whitey Bulger in “Black Mass,” and now Johnny Depp is revealing just how difficult it was to get into character for the challenging role.

The actor says in an interview with Variety that it could take up to 2 and a half hours to put on makeup, and another hour to take it off when filming was over. Depp added that sometimes, he’d go to bed still looking like Bulger.

“I’d leave him on now and again because I was so tired,” he told the magazine.

Depp also said he’s long been fascinated by the Bulger case and wanted the audience to “lose themselves” in his portrayal.

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“When they’re seeing what they know to be this guy called Johnny Depp and all his baggage and all his movies, I want them to forget me,” Depp told Variety. “That’s the great test.”


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