BOSTON (CBS) — If you aren’t happy about the fact that you haven’t been getting your paper, well, the Boston Globe’s CEO isn’t happy about it, either.

“We’re gonna fix this, and we’re gonna fix this fast,” said Globe CEO Mike Sheehan.

Delivery issues began over a week ago, when The Globe switched distributors. Frustrations were shared by Globe editors and reporters, who in some cases took to the streets Sunday to deliver the paper themselves. On Monday, The Globe reported that their distributor estimated that it would take four to six months for service to return to the same quality as before the distributor change.

Problems persisted Tuesday morning.

Sheehan said the company was now exploring all options to return service to normal, including possibly having another company help on some of the routes that ACI Media–the new delivery company–is supposed to be covering.

“We vetted the company with the other newspapers they’ve been working with throughout the country, and they get very very high marks-after disruption, they get very high marks–for customer service,” said Sheehan.

Though the Globe executives knew there would be issues, Sheehan said they had no idea it would be this bad, with around a tenth of subscribers not getting home delivery.

“There was an underestimation on their part of the bond The Globe has with its readers,” said Sheehan.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports


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