UPTON (CBS) — A cause of death has not yet been determined for Avon resident James Robertson, whose skeletal remains were found by a hunter in the woods off Mendon Street last weekend.

At a press conference given by the District Attorneys of Worcester and Norfolk counties Wednesday morning, officials said the investigation is still ongoing into Robertson’s death.

“I’m thankful to everybody for the help, but there’s a lot more work to do,” said Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

The remains were found on private property in Avon by a hunter.

The medical examiner is still working to establish a cause of death.

Officials Update on James Robertson Case

Robertson went missing on New Year’s Day 2014 when he was kidnapped from his home by two men passing themselves off as constables. They wore badges, carried guns, and claimed they needed to take Robertson for a random drug test related to his probation.

Scott Morrison of Norfolk and Alfred Ricci of Canton were arrested in May 2014 and charged with kidnapping 37-year-old Robertson.

Three months later, a Dedham Police Officer was arrested for allegedly supplying the badge, holster, and handcuffs that Morrison and Ricci allegedly used in the kidnapping. Prosecutors said Michael Schoener gave the items to James Feeny, a man he allegedly bought pills from, before they were used by Morrison and Ricci.

The cases of all four men are pending in Norfolk Superior Court.

Robertson’s family tells WBZ-TV that State Police notified them of the identification. They say that, although they knew what the outcome would be, it still hurts.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Morrissey spoke about the family’s mixed emotions.

“The reality has set in that their lost son has now been found and determined to be deceased. I think it’s kind of mixed emotions between the sadness and some relief that they know what happened to their son. It’s difficult. It’s almost two years to the day,” Morrissey said.

“My heart goes out to the family. You have to remember Mr. Robertson was a son, a brother and he’s a father of a couple children. So it’s bittersweet I guess you would say at this time.”

In November, authorities asked deer hunters on the Blue Hills Reservation to be on the lookout for Robertson’s remains. The Norfolk DA’s office stated at the time that they believed Robertson was the victim of foul play, but that his body had not been found.