BOSTON (CBS) – You are back to work today and the “To Do” list has started in earnest for it’s almost a new year.

And with a new year it’s a good time to take stock of what you got at work. Obviously the first thing we want to know with a job is how much am I going to earn. But there are many other factors that are important to you as an employee.

Review what benefits you have. Did you ever receive an employee handbook way back when you started? Have you read it?

If you have been with the same company for a while request a new handbook and see if they have added any new benefits. There could be benefits you are not taking advantage of.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to save more? Does your company have a savings plan? 401(k), Saving Bonds, a Christmas club? A credit union? Are you having your paycheck directly deposited into the credit union or your bank?

Your retirement will be here before you know it! So a good 401(k) plan is a stellar benefit. Check the company match. At least contribute to take advantage of the match. Even without a company match for your plan consider contributing as much as you can.

Health care is very important. Do they offer more than one plan to choose from? A family plan? Does the dental plan cover orthodontics?

Vacation and sick leave. What’s the policy? If you don’t use it will you lose it?

Insurance? Do they provide Life insurance? How much do they provide? Do you need more? Disability insurance? Discounts on auto insurance?

Is there a Flex Spending Plan; this plan allows you to contribute money pre-tax to an account for childcare or health care?

Do they offer memberships in a discount club such as BJ’s? Health club discounts? Weight Loss programs like Weight Watchers? Shopping discounts?

Check your employee manual. Your benefits are worth real dollars to you!


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